NYX Butter Matte Lipstick

Here's the thing: I've been obsessed with nude lips lately. I love how effortlessly chic it looks on others and I've been on the hunt for my perfect nude lipstick. Is this The One? Read more to find out.

NYX Cosmetics are praised for delivering affordable and cruelty free quality products. I own a handful of their products and I haven't ever been fully blown away. There have been products that I liked and that I would recommend but I always end up buying another product (usually higher end) that's just.. better. Anyway, the review.

The Matte lipstick comes in a black tube with quite a lot of text on it. The packaging does not feel very sturdy at all. You can see the colour of the lipstick through the packaging, so that's definitely a pro.

When you open the case, it will look like this. It gets disgusting ALL. THE. TIME. This is something that really bothers me, but it probably shouldn't bother you too much for that price point. The thing that bothers me most about this packaging is that it does the same thing as my other NYX lipstick (I refuse to use the word 'lippie'). This lipstick pushes down whenever you're applying it, so you have to find a way to apply it without putting pressure on it (because you will push it down and the clear thing gets gross like in the picture). I go around that by twisting the thing quite far up when applying it. This worries me though because the lipstick might break.

The formula of the lipstick is creamy, very creamy. It's almost too creamy but you can find your way to apply it evenly. My advise is to blot loads between layers to build up coverage. And then I use lip liner to clean up the edges. It somehow won't work with lip liner underneath, which is odd because I always use lip liner underneath my lipsticks.

Once applied, the trickiest part is over. The lipstick wears beautifully during the day, only slight touch ups are needed. Because of the creamy nature of the lipstick it won't settle into fine lines and it doesn't feel dry at all. The lipstick isn't slippery either, once you got it on it stays on. Which is something I wouldn't expect from a lipstick that's that hard to apply. This surprised me, and this is what made me wear it more than once.

NYX made this lipstick a part of their Matte collection. Is it matte? It depends. If your idea of matte is MAC's mattes, it definitely isn't a matte. In the drugstore region you don't often find mattes that are extremely matte, and this one is no different (except that NYX isn't a drugstore brand here.. which I don't understand but whatever). I think it's for the best that this lipstick isn't extremely matte because I can only imagine that I'd dislike it more. I'm not a fan of those extreme matte lipsticks because they're just not suitable to wear for an entire day (because of the flakyness).

When it comes to the colour I think Butter is amazing. It's a nude nude but also a bit an unconventional nude because it looks grey-ish in some light. If you've ever visited my site before you know that I'm a big fan of anything unconventional and to make something as basic as a nude lipstick weird is just a killer move in my opinion. I love the colour, it will be great for summer. Here's a full face picture so you can see how it works with my skin tone.

All in all I think Butter is a pretty neat lipstick. It's not as good as MAC and I do prefer Rimmel over it when it comes to formula. However, the shade range wins again. It's manageable. Just don't expect any miracles from it. I wanted to include a lactose-intolerance pun in this somewhere but I come up with one. Leave them in the comments and I'll include it in my next lactose-intolerance named product review (there's 2 more!)

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