NYX Tiramisu Buttergloss

For a lactose-intolerant person I've been purchasing a lot of dairy-themed products. Today number #2 of the bunch: NYX Buttergloss in Tiramisu.

The Butterglosses have been known and loved for a long time. Literally every vlogger uses them, even after the hype. Especially the fact that the vloggers are using them after the hype says a lot. I usually take all the vlogger/blogger hypes with a grain of salt, since they're probably paid to hype a certain product. So that's why it really says a lot when people are still so much into them. I decided to try one, even though I'm  not a lip gloss person. I mean, if I have to try a lip gloss I have most chance at loving one that everyone loves.

The glosses come in a very wide variety of shades, all food themed. I opted for the shade Tiramisu, a dusty pink-ish colour. I think the packaging is great. No complaints on that point. The colour of the tube depends on the shade your choice (that's really great!!). The tube is printed with the typical NYX font. I don't think it looks flimsy whatsoever and the packaging feels sturdy. That's really great because I'd hate to get lip gloss all over the inside of my bag or drawer.

Inside you'll find a doe-food applicator. Sometimes the applicator picks up a little too much product, as displayed in the picture. I think this is a general thing that all doe-foot applicators do. As described in my NYX Concealer Wand review, I'm just not a fan of these applicators. I do get that it's kind of the go-to applicator for lip glosses though so I'll let that one go. Just don't share them with your friends, ok?

The main thing that everyone talks about when they're discussing the Butterglosses is that they smell delicious. Therefore I was expecting a very strong scent. It was not. You definitely pick up a strong vanilla/cookie scent but it's nowhere near nauseating. I never lick my lips so I can't tell you about the taste of the gloss. I know there are people who taste their lip products but I'm not one of those. The product applies beautifully. It's not too thin or runny and it just sits on your lips without moving around too much. It also isn't extremely sticky or gross. To me, it felt like I put a generous amount of lip balm on. It's that smooth and soft feeling, without stickyness.

The pigmentation of the product is exactly the right amount too. It's not completely opaque, and you probably won't get it completely opaque either. I don't think the product is made to be that way, so that's good. They look beautiful on top of a lip liner or lip stick but you can also apply them straight to your lips to give them a subtle wash of colour. During meals and drinks the gloss obviously wears off. This isn't a shocking thing, we're talking about lip gloss. Those aren't made to be on your lips forever. When they wear off, you mostly lose the shine of the product. The colour doesn't look streaky or gross so you can just either let them wear off or just reapply after a meal and you're fine.

In the picture below I'm wearing the gloss without anything underneath so you can see the colour as it is. My favourite way to wear this gloss is on top of my butter lipstick or on top of a nude-coloured lip liner.

Overall I'm very pleased with this lip gloss. I expected that there would be at least something that I don't like about it, but I couldn't find anything! I've had this gloss for a little while now and I've found myself rotating to towards this product quite often!

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