NYX Cottage Cheese Jumbo Eye Pencil

I love me some NikkieTutorials and I noticed her using this Jumbo Eye Pencil quite often. It didn't take long for her to persuade me so I got one for myself too. If I had to give this review a clickbait title I'd name it 'The $5 Highlighter That Everyone Needs NOW'
The infamous Jumbo Eye Pencils by NYX are often used within the beauty blogging community, usually it's the Milk -a creamy matte white- that's most loved. I'm here to advocate for Cottage Cheese today.

The Jumbo Eye Pencils are plastic pencils with a creamy stick inside. I'm not against anything of this packaging except for the cap, it always breaks after a while! Also, I just want to share that you can sharpen them with a regular sharpener with a big opening. Many people struggle with that and they don't think you can sharpen the plastic casing but you totally can. Don't throw them out!!!

The great thing about the Jumbo Eye Pencils is that they're a multi-use product. There are people who create the coolest unconventional lip colours by using the Milk pencil as a base and dabbing eyeshadow on top (you can literally make any lip colour!), other colours you can straight up use as lip colours. Some can be used as blush; the options are endless. This one I'm using is particularly great as a highlighter and I'm reviewing it as such.

The formula is very creamy and blendable. Compared to Milk it's a little less thick in consistency but that's probably due to the fact that Milk is very opaque. Cottage Cheese is not as opaque but it is buildable. Here's a picture of how it look opaque:

If you blend that out with your fingers it becomes a beautiful pearly layer. There's no glitter in it, which makes it a fantastic highlighter. My biggest concern with NYX' Born to Glow highlighter is the large chunky glitter, so if you're on the market for a NYX highlighter, get this pencil instead.
Here's how it looks blended out:

Pearly! You can easily build the coverage of the product so you can go from day time healthy glow to full on Kardashian highlighter.

On me this highlighter lasts all day but it does fade on the cheeks after a few hours. You can stretch the wearing time by layering it, putting powder on top or by using a setting spray. All in all I'm very happy with this product. I like the small tip so you can apply it very easily and precise. Especially on the nose and the cupid's bow it's a really easy and useful product. I like working with my fingers and I find that I sometimes go overboard on the places that only need a small touch. With this little pencil you can easily highlight your nose or cupid's bow, if you're too lazy to use a brush like me.

Below you see the pencil in action. I've applied it to my cheekbones, nose, cupid's bow and inner corners of the eyes. I've also added some pictures with flash so you can see how it shimmers when it catches the light.

I wanted to say that I have no cons to using this product, but I just remembered that it's called Cottage Cheese. Seriously, NYX? That's probably the worst name they've come up with after their 'Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie'. But, if you're not appalled by gross dairy-themed names I'd totally check this out!

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