FOTD: My biggest hair change yet!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen it but.. I got a pixie cut! Even before I got my previous haircut I'd been thinking about going short for summer. Somewhere along the way going platinum came onto the agenda as well and this is the outcome. Read more for more pictures and details!

Whenever I feel like changing my hair I resort to Pinterest. I collected lots and lots of pixie cuts before I decided to take Michelle Williams as the inspiration for my haircut. She's kind of a pixie pioneer. By the way I mean the actress Michelle Williams, not Destiny's Child poor Michelle meme Michelle Williams. As much as I loved my blue hair, I don't want it for summer. I can't swim with blue hair and I already ordered the cutest white swimsuit. So the choice had to be made, the fun colours had to go for a little while. My mum actually came up with the idea of this colour when we were watching Rita Ora on The Voice. And we just made it all happen Monday. I really think my hair stylist did an amazing job on the cut and the colour is pretty neat too. As always I just had my mum dye my hair. My hair was also very green stained so it was quite a lot of work to get it all out!
 I mean, the colour isn't very even but IRL it definitely looks better than in the pictures! It will all even out over time but for now I wanted to give my hair a little rest. Luckily my hair is very thick so it doesn't even feel or look damaged!
Ok I'll stop rambling, here are the pictures: 


I can't decide whether to end this post with a Miley joke or a Draco Malfoy joke. Definitely leave them below, if you have any. I really can't wait to try new looks with this hair so feel free to leave me suggestions! 

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