FOTD: #TBT Edition

During the month of April I haven't been very good at posting. I found these pictures I took but never posted, so today I have 2 looks that I'll share.

The first look was from when my dad took me to a shooting range. I thought I'd do my makeup as I'd do if I were a Bond girl. The lips are Train Bleu by NARS.

The second look was a result of me trying something new, a black smokey eye. I usually go for bold lips and nude coloured eyes. This time I went for very dark eyes, even with black on the waterline (I never do that). I think it looks so different! It's not very me and it's not executed perfectly, but I don't mind that. Just pretend it's rock 'n roll and that I totally intended it to be this messy! I think I'm going to try to find a way to make this look more 'me' and maybe a little less harsh. I already have something in mind that I want to try! It might be cool for a party though! I like how the black on the waterline makes my eyes pop and look more feline.

Looking at these pictures makes me really like the faded blue hair colour! I really hated it when I had it, I used to wear the hat literally every day for 2 weeks before I got my haircut. I was so insecure about the green colour. I always start appreciating my hair things when they're gone. However, I'm still really pleased with the hair I have now, don't get me wrong on that!

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