Kryolan Cake Eyeliner

The other day I received my much anticipated Kryolan order and to my surprise I found this little number in the box as a free gift! I always appreciate the gesture of a free gift with your order, but this is a very useful gift too, who doesn't use black eyeliner every now and then?

This one is obviously a mini, but it'll last you a really long time. The clear plastic packaging is actually just a protective cover and you're supposed to put the single in a magnetic palette, which I don't have. That's why I left it in the plastic casing. On to business.

Kryolan designed this product as a longwearing smudge and waterproof product. You're supposed to apply it wet, they have their own mixing liquid to go with it but you can also use other liquids. Their Cake Eyeliner Sealer is supposed to make it more waterproof and smudgeproof, but I tried it with both contact solution and Mac Fix+. Here are the results.

I've also tried both on the eyelids and they both work well. Fix+ dries a little quicker than contact solution so I prefer that, but if you don't own it (mine's running out soon weep) contact solution is just fine. Both of these stay on all day. For the review I've also washed my hands to show if they're waterproof.

The contact solution bled out a little more than the Fix+. However, I have to say that I haven't experience any problems with it on my actual eyelids. The other day I went out and I used the contact solution to create the look below. It lasted all night.

Now we've discussed what you can use as a liquid, here's some more benefits of the eyeliner cake:
- It'll never dry out (because you make it liquid yourself)
- You can use it as wet as you like
- You can make it as opaque as you like
- It comes in 11 shades
- The full sized product is only €8,90 for 3.5grams, making it cheaper than any other high quality brand.
- You can use any brush with it, which is both practical and hygienic.

I can only think of one downside and that is the availability of Kryolan. I ordered my products from their website though and it landed me this sweet ass gift, so that might be something you want to consider.  In the future I will definitely order their Cake Eyeliner Sealer. I'm absolutely planning on ordering more of their products, and due to their pricey shipping rate I'm just going to save up to buy in bulk. If this runs out I'm definitely planning on buying the full size. I think this product only has upsides, and alond with the sealer it'll probably elevate to HG status!

In the picture below I used it with contact solution and a cheap brush I found at the art store. They're very pointy, making them perfect to do eyeliner with.

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