Rimmel London ScandalEyes XX-treme Mascara

To celebrate my newly grown long and full eyelashes I decided to pick up a new mascara. I thought I'd level up from my Catrice Cosmetics one, just to try something new and possibly better. Is it?

Full disclosure: I only chose this mascara because there was a sale on Rimmel the other day and this was the only one of the bunch with a silicone brush, which I prefer. On to business.

Rimmel London has many ScandalEyes products, which are designed with the idea of 'scandalously big eyes'. In order to get that extreme volume and length they promised, it comes with a very strange brush. The curved, silicone brush has both long and short bristles. And that is the first thing that I hate about it. You see all these empty spaces between the bristles? That gets filled with mascara. As you use the brush, no matter on what side, the ends of your lashes will get way too much product on them. Another thing is that you'll get mascara in your eye and on your eyelid. Seriously, it gets everywhere. The first few times of using this mascara I had to redo at least a part of my eye makeup. I've been using it for about a week now and it's gotten a little better, but it's still really annoying. Also, I don't think there should be that big of a learning curve on mascara?!

After the endless struggle with the brush you'll end up with an eye like this, if you're lucky. As you can see the it does stick my lashes together, and the brush only makes the clumping worse. Because the brush is so asymmetrical and impossible to use, you're not really assured that both eyes will look the same. When I was doing my makeup for this review I did this eye and I thought to myself, 'oh that went pretty nicely!'. Until I did the other eye, that's how it looks most of the times I've used it.

Seriously. I hate it so much, even looking at the pictures upsets me. I can't believe this mascara cost me €13,80 and because of the sale I got two of these horrible mascaras. Another thing is that it doesn't stay on too well. I never buy waterproof mascara, but still I think that it's got to survive a little bit of watery eyes. You know, because the human eyes are watery. It does not, let me tell you. After a few hours it crumbles off, if you haven't cried it off by then. Naps aren't the best idea either.

I don't really have anything nice to say about this mascara as the formula is terrible, the brush is impossible and the packaging hurts my eyeballs. I'd only suggest picking this one if you had to choose between using this mascara or making your own mascara from Oreo's.

  • Has anyone had better luck with this mascara?
  • What should I do with the spare one I have?
  • What mascara should I get now? Is anyone else as overwhelmed by mascara shopping as I am?

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