As some of you may have noticed, I'm a bit absent again. Currently I'm mangled up in a lot of things, which I'll explain under the cut.

I'm not even sure if I've ever mentioned this on here, but I am in college. I've almost made it through my first year (who'da thunk!) but I'm super busy until the second week of July.

Also, I'm going to move to a different room so when I've finished that there'll be plenty of blog changes. I have not given up on blogging, I still like it. It's more a time to time thing, as long as nobody ever mentions my online presence to me IRL, ever. Am I the only one who gets really awkward whenever someone mentions your online presence to you? I think it's a Tumblr generation thing.
After the move I'm also going to explore making videos, it's something I've always wanted to do. I don't think I'll be talking a whole lot in them, but it's nice to see things in action isn't it? I'm not sure though, I don't really know what to film yet.

TLDR; I'm too busy to write any posts at the moment but I'll be back somewhere in July! If you want to stay in touch you can follow me on Instagram or Disqus (I'm often disqussing things over on xoVain) or just drop me a comment or email. There's also the option of subscribing to my blog so you'll get an email notification whenever there's a new post - I don't have anything to do with that so I'm not running off with your personal details or something. That option is right on under my heavily outdated sidebar.

I hope everyone is well and staying positive xx


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