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Over the years I've posted my fair share of lipstick reviews. I am pretty sure that none of those were nude lipsticks. The other day I went to Mac to find a good nude. Can I make it to the end of this article without making puns about nudes? Read more to find out.

Myth is a lipstick from their permanent range, it has a satin finish. I'm not going into detail about the packaging because I've always liked MAC packaging and it's no different to all the other MAC lipsticks I own. It is a pale-pink beige colour, it's very light. I won't tell the entire story about the horrible service I got at MAC, other than that their service was basically non-existent. Whenever someone asks me about nude lipstick I always tell them you just have to try them on because they look different on anyone. I did that too, I've tried almost all their nude lipsticks, especially cleaning them myself was incredibly fun. OK, now I'm one sly-digging their staff.

I wanted a very light nude lipstick, I'm really done with the K*lie Jenner look and I just wanted something chic. This is what I ended up with. However, when you're wearing a colour this light you have to wear a lip liner underneath. I always use lip liner, but with this you're really gonna need it. When applied to your lips without a lip liner it'll look a bit streaky and you won't get as much of an opaque coverage, however, I did not experience these issues with a lip liner underneath.
To avoid looking like you have no lips you might want to use a darker lip liner around the outlines of your lips. I have a lip liner by Essence that perfectly matches this lipstick, so I used that for it.

On the lips this combo was pretty long-wearing, it's what you'd expect from a MAC Satin finish. It's hard to estimate the exact wearing time because I'm always touching up my lipstick after eating and it really depends on what you eat and drink. The lipstick doesn't stain your lips and it's not drying at all.

Overall I'm really loving this lipstick. I'm looking forward to creating looks with this new lip colour. There's nothing I dislike about MAC's Satin lipsticks in general, and this one is no exception! I do think it's a bit of a bummer that there are so many MAC employees who are just plain rude, though. I spend an hour travelling to get to a MAC counter, so it kind of kills the whole experience if they don't pamper you at least a little bit, that's something one may expect from a luxury brand!

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