My Face Routine

Over the last couple months I've been developing my face routine - and I'm really pleased with my routine now. Under the cut is a step by step guide of what I use and how I apply it!

I tried something new here in the format - I thought it'd be better. The main thing about working with the Camouflage Cream is that it gets way easier to blend if you let it warm up on your face for a little bit. I always roughly distribute the product over my face and then do something else (like applying eyeshadow primer) before I come back and blend everything. I can't think of anything else to explain about my routine - it's pretty easy and you can do most of it with your fingers. When you're blending with your fingers there's only one rule: clean your hands and keep them clean. I always keep hand sanitizer at my desk and I use it whenever I've touched my phone or laptop. 

If you have any additional questions just leave them below or you can always email me if you don't want your question displayed below. 

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