Topshop Chameleon Glow Wax + Wane

There have been many occasions on which I've bought an item because xoVain told me to do so. This was one of those occasions. This holographic beauty was mentioned in this article and I could not resist.
The Topshop Chamelon Glow in Wax + Wane comes in a plastic case as you often see them. The lid is a clear plastic so you know what you're dealing with and the outline around the eyeshadow is made of a rubber material. I think it's perfectly fine. I mean, I wouldn't drop it down the stairs and you can't stack them but it's alright. There's only two of these colours at the moment anyway.

I love how they've printed the Topshop logo into the product. It gives it a more sophisticated look. The Glow -this not an eyeshadow- has a soft texture. It's less creamy than I expected it to be, but not flaky at all. It just feels soft. In the blogosphere the most overused word in eyeshadow -this is not an eyeshadow- reviews is 'pigmented'. Do you always want your eyeshadow to be pigmented? For mattes, yes you probably do. Anything else, it's not always necessary. This product -it's not an eyeshadow- is not as pigmented as you'd expect it to be. At least, if you think this is an eyeshadow you're probably a bit disappointed at first. This product is called a Glow. It's meant to be iridescent. The opacity is completely buildable, and you can use it both wet and dry. If you use it dry, you'll get a sheer layer of blue/pink shimmer. You're also meant to be able to use this Glow on top of other eyeshadows, to give it a cool holographic effect. When used wet, you'll end up with an extreme shimmery layer. It's a very versatile product. In the swatches beneath you'll see the difference.
Note: it's pretty hard to photograph this amount of shimmer/glitter!

I immediately thought of the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows then I saw these. I have one of those (Moonspoon) and although the both of these are adult glitter products, they're completely different in texture. I prefer this one because this one is easier to pick up with your brush and it's more shimmery instead of glittery. When you're writing a review about eyeshadows with glitter and/or shimmer you're supposed to mention fall-down. I think fall-down is often the result of having too much product on your brush, and is often easily resolved by tapping your brush before putting it on your face. However, this Glow -it's not an eyeshadow- does not cause any fall-down and is safe to apply to your face after concealer, if that's what you like.

In the look above I'm wearing it all over my lid, applied dry. In the middle I applied it wet, for a more 3D effect. To give you an idea of the colour, this is what it looks like with nothing underneath. I only softly defined my crease a little because my eyes are hooded and otherwise people ask me if I'm tired all day.

All in all I'm really impressed with this product. If you're on the market for a cool holographic adult glitter Glow, you should check this one out. They retail for €12 and they come in two colours; Wax + Wane (that's this one) and Shuffle The Cards (an orange/gold/holographic colour). I really want that one too, but I'm going to wait until they're offering free shipping again, or at least a more profitable deal than they've got going on on their website now.

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