Castor Oil Update

A few months ago I first wrote about using castor oil for longer eyelashes. In that post I said that it definitely made a difference and that I would continue applying it to my lashes every night. I did, and now three months after I first started my castor oil experiment I have some shocking results.

In the post I described how I applied the product to my lashes with my fingers. This is where I also noticed a difference, the nails on my index finger had grown immensly. Those nails have always been the weakest of the bunch, and I always joke about being able to grow out my nails fairly easily but always ending up with sad looking index fingers because those nails are so brittle. That is all in the past! These days I have to cut those nails way more frequently because they grow faster than all the other fingers, of course I've tried applying it to all my fingers before bed but that also interferes with my using my phone until I fall alseep routine.

Now back to the subject of eyelashes and shocking results. Let's take a look at this timeline.

That's some pretty neat growth if you ask me! The lashes on the right are noticeably longer and thicker, they also look more fluffy? I think that's because of the extra length. All this looks really great already, but let's take a look how at the timeline with mascara on.

The first thing you notice is that I'm wearing a different mascara in the third one but still, you can tell that my lashes are longer and fuller, or am I just imagining that?

In the first post I wrote how I'm going for Rapunzel length lashes, and I don't think I'm there yet so I'm just going to continue applying the castor oil every night. It's already made such a great difference so I'm only expecting better results with time!

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