Mermaid Eyes Tutorial

Time for another tutorial! Last time I made a Giftorial, but this one is a good old tutorial like the ones I always make. I was actually just planning on doing something with the colour periwinkle some time, but it turned out very mermaidy. I don't think that's a problem, though! Read the full tutorial under the cut.

I went with two palettes here, my Zoeva 88 matte and shimmer palette and my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. The Vice 2 isn't available anymore but feel free to replace the colours, you can probably find a matte pink in an 88 palette as well, and the holographic eyeshadow can be replaced with any other holographic shadow.

Besides theses shadows I also used:

  • A white eyeshadow from the 88 palette (it wouldn't show up in the swatch)
  • Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Rosy Rush 
  • Large chunky glitter
  • Catrice White Kohl Kajal
  • Mascara

As always start by priming your eyelids. I also set it a little bit with some nude eyeshadow.

Next, apply some of X-rated in the crease and blend it out. You can take it quite far up. I also find that the nude eyeshadow in the crease makes the pink blend a little easier, so that's why I applied that beforehand. Also highlight your brow bone with some matte white eyeshadow.

Then take your periwinkle shadw and apply it in the our corner and through the crease. Blend it very well with the pink. Thi will create that lovely purple shade in the transition of the two colours.

Also bring it to the outer corner of the lower lashline. I like my eyeshadow to have that shape, you can decide for yourself if that suits your face or not.

Take a light blue eyeshadow and apply it to the mobile lid. As you can probably tell, this eyeshadow was lacking some pigmentation.

Take both Shellshock and Betrayal on your brush and apply them to the middle of your lid. Blend out a little bit but not too much, you want to keep the shimmer in the middle.

Use the white kajal to line your lower lashline.

Use a matte white eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner. The lighter shades in this Zoeva palette do lack some pigmentation so I first layed down a base with the white kajal. Of course you don't have to do that if you use a better eyeshadow.

Apply some of the chunky glitter in the middle of the lid. My favourite way of applying these suckers is to put some glitter eyeliner (like the Essence Crystal Liner) on your finger and dip your finger in the glitter.. and apply them sticky and all to your lid. It's really easy and that way you don't have to glue them on with lash glue. This way you don't risk glueing your eyelid to your crease #hoodedlidlife

Curl your lashes and apply some mascara and you're done! Finish the look with whatever you like, I kept it simple and just wore MLBB-shade on the lips and tons of highlighter on the skin.

PS: I'm writing a review on this mascara next so I'm definitely keeping in mind that this thing has ruined all of my looks! I don't go out with mascara goops like that but apparently I don't mind them when making a tutorial

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