Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes Giftorial

I'm not fond of winged liner. I've expressed that a few times and the other day I was talking about how I liked doing the winged liner but how I disliked wearing it. I just feel like it's not 'my thing', which is kind of a shame because I've just figured out how to do it on my (hooded) lids. Someone asked me to gif my technique, so that's exactly what you'll find under the cut (obvious gif warnings ahead).

These are all the products that I use. I like working with my Cake Eyeliner, which I mix with contact solution. I can't stress enough how important it is to wear primer with this stuff, but also with eyeliner in general. The winged eyeliner isn't very forgiving in the smudge area. Before I started I also set my primer with some waterproof setting powder and I highlighted the brow bone with Foxy. (I forgot to gif that). On to things that I did gif.

One of the things that make me dislike wearing winged liner on my eyelids is that it draw attention to the hooded lid, the contrast with the black and the skin between the eyebrows just highlights the fact that your lids are hooded. I'm not saying that hooded lids are ugly, but in general you don't want to highlight the skin between your eyelid and your eyebrow. That's why some light crease definition is important. Here I'm applying The Mail, a matte sand colour. Just apply that all around the crease.

Next thing to do is to apply a darker brown in the outer corner of the crease. By doing this you will, again, create the illusion of a non-hooded eye. You can also decide to go for a cut-crease here with the brown, if you want a more pin-up look.

Now to the acutal eyeliner drawing part. I always start with the outlines of the wing. Look straight ahead in a mirror, make sure your eyes are in their maximum hooded stage, make sure you're not frowning at all (this will make your wing look sad). Use a flat angled brush to draw the outside of the wing. Use the lower lashline as your guideline, you want to extend it. 

For the top outline of the wing you just trace the line you just drew and bring it back to the outer 1/3rd of your eyelid. As you can see the brush stops where the pupil begins. Do not blink, just draw with your eye open and you will fill in the gap (that's visible when you close your eye) later on.

Switch to the pointy brush and fill in the wing with small strokes. 

Now with your eye half open trace the eyeliner some more.

Draw on the eyeliner on the inner corner (if you like, you can also start halfway the eye if that's your thing) and connect it to the wing you just made.

With some more small strokes connect the eyeliner on the mobile lid to the wing until you have a straight wing. I prefer to do this with my eye half open.

Perfect your wing by going back with the flat angled brush (you can also clean up with a Q-tip if that's what you like).

Add some white kohl to the lower lashline (I forgot to picture that but it's by Catrice and it's the one I always use).

Curl your lashes - make sure your eyeliner has dried by the time you're doing this.

And finish with mascara! Make sure there aren't any gaps between the lashes and the eyeliner, that looks so odd! You can also tightline between your lashes if you can't fill those gaps, I often had that issue with liquid liner.

And that is the finished look! It does take some practice but after a while you will get a steady hand and it'll get easier. Hope this is helpful! Feel free to contact me if you have any issues regarding winged eyeliner and hooded lids, I've tried nearly everything. 

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