Giftorial: Extreme Mod Girl

To follow up my Extreme Mod Girl look from the other day, here's the giffed tutorial! 

These are the products that I used for this look. You really only need a couple matte eyeshadows and an eyeliner so you can just work with whatever you have on hands.
  • Sleek Oh So Special Palette: Boxed (the matte dark brown), The Mail (the matte beige) and Bow (the matte off-white)
  • Catrice Liquid Liner Waterproof in Don't Leave Me 
  • Kryolan Eyeliner Cake
  • Catrice Kohl Kajal in 040 White 
  • Some funky lashes (I have no idea what brand these are)

After priming your eyelid, apply Bow to the mobile lid.

Now take Boxed  and draw a line where you want your cut crease to start. To figure out where your cut crease starts you just look straight up in a mirror with your eyes open. When your eyes are hooded, a large part of your lid just disappears when you open your eyes, so it's important to look straight up. Then you draw your line just above that 'wrinkle' you get when your eyes are open. When you're satisfied with your line, make it a crisp and clean line.

Now blend out the upper part of your line. Sometimes I take a little bit if The Mail on my brush to help the brown blend and transition nicely. Whatever you do,  don't blend out the lower part of the line otherwise it isn't a cut crease anymore!

When you're satisfied with your eyeshadow situation it's time to move on to the eyeliner part. I left out the part where I draw a winged liner because I already have a full tutorial on that subject. In this look the only thing I changed is that I extended the line in the inner corner a little. 

To create the lower lashline situation, look straight ahead in a mirror and draw a a line that's parallel to the line you just drew in the inner corner. Then you just simply trace that line along your lower lashline and on the outer corner you also draw a wing that's parallel to the winged eyeliner on your top lashline. All of this just takes some practice but it's not too hard - just keep your remover at hands. 

For that mod effect, draw on tiny fake eyelashes. This is going to look very weird at first but it all comes together when you add mascara. For this part I like to use a liquid liner instead of the cake eyeliner, but use whatever you like. This is just as simple as drawing tiny stripes where you want them. I feel like it adds to the look when the stripes aren't all uniform (because eyelashes aren't either).

Now take the white kohl and whiten that waterline and also the part in the inner corner between the two eyeliner wings. This might look extreme at first, but it's very 60s. 

Now simply curl your lashes and add a couple coats of mascara (top and bottom). I didn't gif this part because everyone knows how to apply mascara. 

I feel like this look just screams for false lashes! I don't really have a hard time applying lashes, but many people do. For me it's just important that your eyelashes are the right size (cut them up otherwise). I use this cheap eyelash glue from Catrice, it's really cheap and I've never had any complaints about it. Just apply your glue to the eyelashes and wait about 30-45 seconds to let the glue become a bit tacky. Then you just bring them to your eye, let them sit on your real eyelashes and don't stick them to your eyelid yet.

 When you're satisfied with your placement just push them to your eyelid and they'll stick. Then I just pinch my lashes a couple times to make them stick. It's really easy but you just have to practice a couple times.

And that's that! Here's a link to the FOTD post if you want to see more pictures of this look again.
 I really hope this was helpful to anyone. As always I definitely want to see it if you copied my looks, just tag me wherever. If you have any other requests for posts or tutorials (or giftorials) feel free to contact me through email, the comments, instagram or some other medium!

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