I Made A Huge Mistake


Yesterday I was just doing my thing, making a tutorial. The usual thing. When I finished the look I just wanted to take a last Good Picture and it suddenly happened.. I dropped my camera.

I've dropped my camera many times and it's never a big deal. When I dropped it I wasn't really bothered because my camera has survived anything, so I just turned it on... and it was struggling... a lot. And then it just gave up. Not wearing that wristband was a Huge Mistake.

So that means I don't have a camera anymore and I don't know how or when I'll be able to replace it because I really can't just come up with a large amount of money like that. I'm truly sorry about this and I'm still thinking if I should write blog posts that don't require any photographs of my own but I don't think I'd be able to do that a lot.

In the meanwhile you can keep up with me and my LQ selfies on Instagram and I hope to be able to blog quickly!

Also, if you have a recommendation for a good and affordable camera please let me know!
Een foto die is geplaatst door maura (@mauraivy) op

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