Little Pixe Cut Things

A few months back I chopped off my shoulder length hair and got a pixie cut. To add more shock value I also dyed it platinum blonde, just because I can. Ever since I got this haircut (colours really don’t surprise people anymore.. because I’mme) I’ve been noticing a lot of #littlepixiecutthings. Here’s a few.

1.       People really want you to know how their partners/friends/parents/pets feel about short hair

Because women with short hair are apparently a special type of women. Seriously, people tell me all the time that their boyfriend would break up with them or that they usually think that women with short hair are “kinda bitchy”. I still don’t know how to react to this in a polite way. Apparently we’re a club? High five ladies

2.       I could NEVER pull that off!

This might be a pet peeve of mine but isn’t that the most backhanded compliment ever? I don’t think anyone will tell you that you have to go for it if you don’t want to.

3.       Why?!?!

I can dye my hair all sorts of colours and get an undercut and no one will say a thing but with a pixie cut many people asked me why. Because it’s awesome! It makes my eyes look bigger, it’s more fun to style, it’s way less hot in the summer, my hair dries in two hours instead of half a day and because I wanted to!

4.       Will you ever grow it out again?

Because having a certain type of haircut is a lifelong commitment, it’s not like it grows naturally and people change it all the time.

5.       You’re gonna need some clippers

Neck hairs. That’s it. It’s a lot easier if you get someone else to trim them, I let my mum do mine every 3-4 weeks (whenever my undercut also gets too hairy).  Clippers are very affordable (I literally got mine for €5 at Aldi) and they’re really good if you want to stretch the time between your haircuts a little. I also use them to trim my mullet because whenever I think that Rihanna can’t pull something off, I sure can’t either. 

Having a pixie cut is so much fun to me and of course I can appreciate compliments and I don’t mind questions. It’s just that when you’ve gotten a pixie cut, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. People ask weird questions about things they don’t understand, and I can see the humour in that. 

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