Halsey Inspired Tutorial

A little while ago I discovered Halsey's music when a friend of mine pointed out that we kind of looked alike. Seriously, the resemblence kind of scares me. We even have the same haircuts and we've also had the same haircuts in the past! And now she even went blonde too! Anyway, I love Halsey and I was inspired to do a tutorial inspired by her makeup.

Halsey usually wears a darker lip with something simple on the eyes, finished with extremely doe-eyed falsies. When I saw this picture of hers I was inspired by that shiny blue lower lashline.

To start off apply an eyeshadow primer and lightly define your crease with Undone (UD Vice 3). In my eyeliner for hooded eyes post I explained why I always define my crease but feel free to skip this step.

Use DTF (UD Vice 3) to define that crease some more.

Apply a shimmery nude all over the mobile lid. Obviously there are so many good shimmery nude colours aroud so feel free to use your favourite. Mine's Dope from the UD Vice 2 palette but that one's not around anymore (sobs, I've already hit pan on it).

I think this look really suits an extreme inner corner highlight. To achieve that I mixed a gold and a silver eyeshadow (Strike and Shellshock, UD Vice 2) and I applied it all around the inner corner and blended it into the shimmery nude on the mobile lid.

Now, onto the lower lashline. First, line your waterline with some white kohl to really make that pop. Then onto the colours on the lower lashline. Take Freeze (UD, Vice 3) and apply that in the inner 1/3rd of the lower lashline. Make sure it blends nicely into the inner corner highlight.

Next take Heroine (UD, Vice 3) and apply that right next to Freeze. Don't worry too much about blending it yet.

Then take Vanity (UD Vice 3) and apply it next to Heroine. On top of Vanity I also applied some of Betrayal (UD Vice 2) because it's such a cool shade and it made it appear more purple.

Now we've come to the outer corner. Apply Alchemy (UD, Vice 3) in the outer corner.

To blend that magenta shade in the outer corner I used a lighter shimmery pink eyeshadow (Coax, UD Vice 2) and I just used that on a fluffy blending brush to soften that line. I also used it to connect the shades on the top and bottom. Clean your blending brush and blend all the shades on the lower waterline together. If neccessary you can reapply some of the shades.

When you're done blending, it should look a bit like this at the top.

Using your eyeliner of choice, draw a thin line. Don't wing it out.

Using a bit of Bondage (UD, Vice 3) you can make the eyeliner line blend in a little more with your colours. Just use that to blend it out.

When you're done it should look a bit like this! Curl your lashes and add loads of mascara.

To intensify that blue in the inner corners, I use my favourite glitter liner, Essence Crystal Liner in Blue Heaven and I applied that to the blue parts of the lower lashline. I really like these eyeliner to intensify anything, really. It would also look cool if you added a different glitter liner but you can also choose to keep it simpel and not add any glitter at all.

For that doe-eyed look that Halsey has going on, I used my favourite cheap lashes (Primark Sultry Lashes) and I cut them in half. Just trim the ends of the lashes a bit so that they don't look too square and apply them to the outer corners of the eyes. In this post I giffed how I apply false lashes, I wear falsies all the time so it's really easy to apply them for me. If anyone still has no clue how to apply these suckers, let me know! I can make a video or something! 

Adding the falsies is the final step to this tutorial! It's actually quite an easy look, but pretty high impact! 

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