How To Apply Mac Face & Body

The other day I was browsing Make Up Alley looking for a new foundation, because I'm running out of my Mac Face & Body. As described in my review post it's been a rough ride for F&B and me, it didn't like my primers and setting powders and sometimes it oxidized. For the past months I've been able to work with it (use sunscreen underneath but no primer and buff it in).. but as I found out on MUA, that is not the right way to apply it. Read more to find out!
I read some comment on MUA that said that you need to activate the waterproof part of the foundation.. by tapping it. So what you have to do is first apply it to your hands and just tap it until it gets tacky.

At first I felt like an idiot because it just feels strange to tap foundation into your hands, but as you apply the thickened product to your face it almost blends in itself. You can really work it in with your hands and just tap it until you're completely happy with the result. Seriously, applying foundation has never been so easy, and may I say, therapeutic. Who doesn't like tapping their face? 

When you've really tapped it in your foundation will be barely visible, like a good foundation should be. I also found that it looks more luminous if you apply it this way, and just generally better. Seriously, try it!

And this is what the end result looks like with no other products on top (and no fancy background either, I'm sorry!). I'm so sad that I'm only figuring this out just now, when I'm running out of this product! If you own this foundation, please try this method. It's so foolproof and it's just the best way of applying it, and I've tried all methods to make this foundation work. 

Also, please leave me other weird ways to apply products, I love trying these kind of things. Next time I'll do it with a less ugly background!

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