I'm Spilling All My Editing Secrets

When you're starting a blog one of the most difficult parts is the photography part. When it comes to the whole internet thing it's very important to deliver content that's visually appealing. Most people don't really read - which is frustrating as a blogger, but we all know that it's true. Let me tell you what I do to my pictures and how you can easily make your pictures look way better than they are.

My Camera

I recently dropped my old camera, which was a really basic point & shoot by Panasonic. I never had any issues with it, the pictures were quite sharp. I think the camera had around 15 megapixels. I've always said that you don't need expensive gear to blog, and I still think it is true. I've recently upgraded to my new camera, the Sony NEX5. I use the regular kit lens with it because I've only just gotten it and I can't afford any new gear at the moment. It's okay, it's not amazing for close up shots but the camera itself is amazing! I'm stunned by the picture quality and the camera is really easy to use. This new camera really does save me a lot of time at editing because it just picks up more light. But, if your camera doesn't.. not to worry! On to editing.



There are many programs to edit your pictures with, and especially when I started blogging I tried many of them. These days I only use Photoshop CS6, but if you're looking for a programme that's easier to use, try LightBox Free Image Editor. It's a really easy programme that allows you to add shadows and dimensions, etc. It's really good. Because it lets you change all aspects of light you can really take your image from poorly lit to perfect. 

Like I said, I only use Photoshop nowadays. 
Usually I only play around with the levels & curves of a picture, just to lift it. For pictures of swatches I usually play around with the colour balance and saturation. I feel like it's really important that all colours look exactly as they are in real life, and obviously when you take a picture the colours can look different. These are the kind of things that really take your pictures to the next level. When it comes down to it people don't really care if your pictures are astheatically pleasing if they can't understand your message or if they can't even see the products you're using properly. 
 Also I really want to state that I only change the light and other things that improve the general appearance of the image. I do not photoshop my face, remove pimples or other 'imperfections'. That's not what I'm about.

Another great thing to do in Photoshop is to add actions. There are many great (free) recourses online where you can add free actions. Actions are basically filters, but you have way more options with them. Just be careful not too add actions to all your images. Like I said, sometimes it's just important that your colours are true to reality. Literally no one thinks, oh great filter on that swatch picture! Because generally people look at swatches to see what the colour of the product truly looks like. 

Also, if you want to edit your pictures and you don't have any programmes on your computer, not to worry! You can always resort to Pixlr.com.. it's not as good but they do carry loads of filters and options! And it's free!


Gifs are actually really easy to make! I make those in Photshop too. First I make a short video (with my camera or my iPhone) and then I just select that file when I import video frames to layers. And just take it from there.. edit a bit if you feel that's neccessary and just click save for web. I really only learnt how to make gifs because I was bored on a blue monday this summer. It's really easy, you might want to Google it though, because I'm terrible at explaining these things.


I also like adding text to my pictures, especially the front pictures. I just think it looks neat! There are so many free fonts to find on websites such as dafont.com (I really don't want to give away all my secrets but generally everyone knows dafont). Make sure that when you're blogging you're using 100% free fonts - you probably won't get sued anyway but I don't feel good taking that risk so I always make sure I don't use any fonts with copyrights on them. I just have this template in InDesign, so I always just pop in my background picture (which I've already edited and maybe added some cool action to) and then I can just change the text. It really only takes 3 seconds. Usually whenever I'm using my computer I have all those programs open anyway. You can totally use photoshop to add text and if you need online options, I think that picmonkey.com has some nice font options.

I really hoped this post was helpful to anyone, I know people have been asking me these things so I thought it was good to just write it down for everyone to find. Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with! 

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