Lorde Magnets Tutorial

I've expressed my love for Lorde a couple times already. When I heard she teamed up with Disclosure I knew it was going to be a banger, and boy is it great! The video is awesome and she's sporting these bronze eyes with red glossy lips, which I'm recreating today.

For the eyes I only used eyeshadows from my Naked 2 palette. I always feel guilty about using so many limited edition products (like my beloved Vice palettes) so that's why I'm using the most popular palette in the world. But basically all I'm using is loads of shimmery brown shades, so feel free to use whatever you have around. I also used two cream shadows by Catrice Cosmetics - you can leave those out entirely if you like but I like layering things on top of cream shadows.

Take Metall Of Honor (a dark brown cream eyeshadow) on an angled brush and map out a winged shape. Lorde had quite a big wing going on so don't be afraid to go overboard. If your eyes are hooded like mine, make sure you draw that wing on with your eyes open while looking straight ahead in a mirror. 

Whhen you are happy with your wing, fill it in with Snakebite. I always like to map out what I'm doing first, before I start blending. That's why I'm first finishing my wing before blending everything.

Now take the other cream shadow (a darker gold) and use that to fill the rest of your mobile lid. Make sure you extend the wing from the outer corner and create a smooth shape.  As you can see I went a little above my natural crease, which gives the look some more drama.

Now use Half Baked to set the gold cream eyeshadow.

Now that the wing is mapped out, blend the top a little bit. Lorde's makeup is quite harsh, so it's ok for there to be a line but I still like everything to be a bit blended.

For a more bronzy effect,  add some of Chopper in the transition of the gold and the brown. You want the outer part of the wing to still be brown, so don't wing it out too much.

I wanted the gold to be blended in a little more, so I took Bootycall and Suspect on a blending brush and brushed that along the outline of the eyeshadow (right until where the wing starts).

Another action shot of that inner corner crease part where I just added the extra eyeshadow.

Dramatic looks can handle dramatic highlights so take Verve and apply it in the inner corner. You can also take that all the way up if you like.

Take Blackout on a tiny pointy brush and draw a tiny eyeliner wing to the outer corners of the eyes. Start your liner halfway the lid and make sure the wing is parallel to the bigger wing. I really dislike black on my lower lashline so I cheated and only accentuated the outer corner of my lower lashline.

I really dislike black under my eyes, but what I dislike even more is black on my waterline. So I cheated again and only lined the outer half of my waterline. I just can't do the black under my eyes, it really makes them look tiny.

Add some mascara and clean up that enormous mess of fall out and you're done! For that glossy red lip combo I went for Estée Lauder Intense Lip Cream in Hot Hot because that lipstick is, so , so shiny. However, I was kind of bummed that it wasn't shiny enough yet so I added the Dior Addict lipstick in Flamenco Red. I really love the Dior Addict lipsticks because they're basically lip glosses in the form of a lipstick, so they're really perfect for this look.

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