How I Saved My Platinum

If you've been following me on other channels you might as well know that I fried my hair a little while back. I've always dyed my hair myself, and my last root touch-up didn't go too well. However, I managed to fix my hair pretty well and it's in quite good condition again. Read more for all details!
You may have noticed that my hair was pretty yellow in the Halsey tutorial I did a while back.
That definitely wasn't my usual shade of platinum, but a result of a Tragic Incident. I'm not exactly sure what happened when I was bleaching my hair, because I've done touch-ups on my roots before the exact same way and it's always worked out. Maybe my hair reacted or too much dye got on already bleached parts, who knows. It doesn't really matter either anyway. When I rinsed out my dye I felt that it was wroooooooooooong. My hair felt like gum and it wouldn't dry. Quickly I noticed that it'd fall out when I brushed it. That's bad news. My new found spaghetti-like hair also wouldn't dry either, literally. I slept on my wet hair for six hours, only to wake up with wet hair. Note: I really hate having wet hair.

So that's when I resorted to the internet, which is tricky when it comes to hair stuff. The hair DIY section of the internet is mostly filled with bitter hair stylists telling you that you should've gone to a professional. At this point I was just ready to buzz it off, seriously. I mean, Amber Rose can pull it off and I've always wanted to try a buzzcut. However, having to get one just isn't as liberating as getting one voluntarily. Also, my undercut is already so cold in winter, so a buzz really wouldn't be ideal. My internet search taught me that I needed protein in my hair. So I'd try that, and I raided my local drugstore for some repair items. And if that all wouldn't help I'd buzz it off.

But there were a few products that I used, and some of them helped more than others. So here's a quick rundown on what I used and what I would recommend.

I brought this giant jar of hair mask in Turkey because my hair was a little damaged from the sun. This one I brought back home because it was cheap. However, it does contain protein! I decided to try it and I left it on overnight. This was the first mask that made my hair feel just a tiny bit stronger. But I was still ready to buzz it off. I have zero patience for damaged hair.

I picked up this Gliss Kur Hair Repair mask, along with the shampoo and condtioner. This one really didn't do much to my damaged hair. It only made my hair feel softer, but over-processed hair actually is quite soft. It's so soft that when you pull it, you'll stretch it to infinity. It's so gross. I would not recommend this one for extreme damage control, but it's quite nice if your hair is normally damaged. You know, when it's feeling a little dry or something like that. Also, I'd only use this on thick hair because it does make your hair a bit heavy.

When the first two masks didn't do much, I decided it was time to get the big guns. I went to my beauty supply store (while wearing a hat) and asked what mask they'd recommend for extremely damaged hair. Luckily those people didn't laugh at me or tell me that I should've gone to a professional and without saying anything they recommended me this mask, for which I'll always be grateful. This mask is my hero! I used this one twice (once overnight and once in the shower) and seriously, most of my hair looked SO GOOD. There was still a part that didn't get any better. And that's when I decided to cut that off. I don't regret that at all, because by doing that I saved the rest of my hair. Also I'd been walking around with that damaged hair for a couple of days and most of that damaged part had already broken off by itself.

Now we've talked about the product that's saved my hair, I thought I'd share how I got it white again too. I don't really like purple shampoo because it's always so harsh on my hair. This is my mixture of Directions Plum dye and a little of Flamingo Pink with loads of hair mask. I mix this with the Watsons hair mask, and let that sit for half an hour. Doing this a couple times a week made my hair turn the lovely shade of white it is now. I could've done that with purple shampoo, but that stuff really makes my hair dry. 

On my HELP I'VE RUINED MY HAIR drugstore run I also picked up this leave-in conditioner. Weirdly enough, leave-in conditioners aren't really a thing yet here in The Netherlands. This one was new and therefore on sale so I tried it out. It's quite nice, however the texture is so thin that it gets a bit messy in the cap. It does make my hair realllllly soft though. Like the other Gliss Kur hair mask, this is a nice product if your hair is a little damaged, but nothing too extreme. It's more beneficial for me now I've already saved my hair, but it won't help you with over processed hair. 

It's also really important not to wash your hair too often if your hair is damaged. You probably don't even want to wash it because it takes ages to dry and wet damaged hair feels terrible. But I'm just saying, really embrace the dry shampoo on this one. I always use the cheap stuff because I've never had any issues with it.

My hair has really come a long way and everyone who has seen it says that I made a miraculous recovery. I'm really sorry that I don't have any pictures of the HELP I'VE RUINED MY HAIR state, but at that time I was just in such a panicky state that I didn't think about taking a picture for my blog. It's quite logical. Here's a picture from a recent FOTD, and notice how soft my hair looks? It's really that soft IRL. Also, pretty damn shiny if you ask me! 

I really hope this has been helpful to anyone and definitely let me know if you have any questions regarding platinum hair or products, but also let me know if you have any recommendations! There are just so many products out there that it's hard to tell what's useful!

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