Bella Hadid Inspired Giftorial (Naked 3!)

Sometimes there's a long and elaborate backstory on why I do certai looks, and sometimes I just browse through my folder of inspiring looks that I've saved and start from there. The latter is exactly the case right now.
I saved this picture from Bella Hadid at the MET Gala this year a little while ago but I thought it would be perfectly seasonally appropriate because of the golden tones and the glitter. It was also a nice opportunity to get my Naked3 out (because I own that now).

Let's get started. All the eyeshadows I'm using are from my Naked 3 palette and I've already primed my eyelids.

First start by defining your crease. Obviously I have hooded eyes and Bella doesn't but I'm just going to adapt this look to make it work for my eye shape. I take Limit on a fluffy tapered blending brush and just bring it all along the crease.

Next I used Nooner on an angled brush to lightly draw a line where the crease starts. I do this because.. that's how I usually define my crease. I like that sharp, almost cut-crease shape if I'm doing glitter on the eyelids. It makes my eyes stand out more, I think. So just draw that line where you think your crease starts, or where you want it to start. 
And then just blend Nooner into Limit with your fluffy tapered blending brush. 
Highlight the brow bone with Strange. I didn't notice that the eyeshadow is so pigmented, so that's why I used so much. I just fixed that by going back in with the blending brush I just used. 

On to the actual lid. Apply Trick to the inner third of the eyelid.
And then take Liar and apply that to the middle third of the eyelid and blend as you go.
On the outer third, apply Mugshot, also blend that as you're going.

 Bella looks like she isn't wearing eyeliner, but I wanted to define the outer part of my eye a bit more. That's why I took Darkside on an angled brush and I took that along the lashline in the outer corner.

 I also used the same colour to darken up the entire outer corner a bit.

 Next, I curled my lashes like I always do. I heat my eyelash curler for a better lasting curl, but that's totally your own call. I don't take any responsibility for burned eyeballs.

Next finish everything off with some mascara. I didn't feel like wearing falsies, but you could add them if you like. Bella's totally wearing falsies.

Bella doesn't really have a noticeable inner corner highlight, but I felt like my eyes looked a bit too small. I applied Strange in the inner corner but I didn't want the highlight to be too extreme.

 I'm also taking my inner corner highlight up. I really like doing this ever since I first did it in the Magnets look.  I used Dust on a blending brush and just brushed that up from the inner corner.

 Now to the final part, and the part I liked most about Bella's look; the glitter! I mixed my Essence Crystal Liner in Rosy Rush (a pink/gold duochrome metallic liner) with some loose gold glitter that I got from Claire's. These tiny brushes from the art store are perfect for precision jobs like these. I only applied it in the inner third of the eye, on top and bottom.

This is the finished look! I've also giffed me doing my face makeup, so tomorrow I'm finishing the look. Otherwise I feel like the post is going to be too picture heavy. Stay tuned!


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