Lazy Sunday #2

In the previous (and first) lazy Sunday post I talked about comforting films for when you're either lazy or hungover. In the next part of this installment I'm going to talk about one of my favourite things ever; tv shows. To be honest I'm not even that big of a film nerd, I just watch every single series in the world*. In this post I'll share some of my favourite comforting series.

* I pretty much like and watch everything that moves unless it's about vampires or zombies or when it features lots of graphic (sexual) abuse (looking at ya, Game of Thrones).

1. Seinfeld

I've only watched Seinfeld this year. I'd never seen it before so I just watched all episodes whitin 2 months. It's such a specific sort of humor that I really love. I totally understand why it's a classic and I keep rewatching all episodes, there are so many running gags through the show so it gets a lot funnier when you've watched a couple of episodes. I think it's comforting because it's an entire show about nothing. Not a single thing at all.

2. Master of None

This is Aziz Ansari's new show. I really like Aziz as a person and as an actor, and in this show he combines the both of them very well. The show is about Aziz' character, Dev, who's a New York City actor and basically just lives. In the series (10 episodes in total) you'll find him falling in love, falling out of love, failing at love and trying to learn how to cook. I really like it because Aziz is one of those few comedians who can shine a light on social injustices by making jokes about them. I think that's really great. While I was watching it I still didn't know whether I liked it or not, and I feel like many people felt that way. Even though I was unsure about liking it, I continued watching. And there's its power. For me this show was so comforting, it reminded me of an indie film and the smell of the city when it rains. If any of that makes sense.

3. Empire

 As simple as Master of None is, as extravagant is Empire. I'm sure everyone has heard of it, the hip hop soap opera loosely based on Jay Z's life story. I call it a soap opera because it truly is, in the best way and in the worst way. I watched the entire first season when I had a sick day. The first season was great, great music, many special guests, many plot twist, and a great ending. All was very entertaining. Also there's so much style inspo to take from Cookie, that's a reason alone to watch the show. Let me get back at you about the second season though because I wasn't too impressed with the first four episodes so I stopped watching for a while. I am planning on binge watching everything at once in a few weeks, though.

4. Grey's Anatomy

I'm a big fan of all series that come from Shondaland (except for Private Practice) and it all started with Grey's Anatomy. I wanted to feature it because there's two types of people in this world, the ones that watch Grey's and have watched it for the last ten years, and then you have the people who don't watch it and are never going to start because it has like a billion seasons now. Over the years Grey's Anatomy has had its ups and downs but it's a great show with a very timeless storyline. It's all very comforting because it always rains in Seattle and I find something very comforting about raining noises, does anyone else have that? So that's a big plus. There's also just so many likeable characters and happy and sad moments. If you're hungover and invested in watching Grey's, you will definitely cry.

5. Nigella's Christmas

Do cooking shows count? I've seen all of these so many times and Nigella is always so soothing to watch. I really like her, both as a person and as a cook. Her Christmas series is my favourite because it's just SOOOOOOOO festive. I'm not even into the holidays that much but after watching that I always find myself in quite a festive mood.

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