Lazy Sunday (Monday) #3

This post is one day late but let's pretend it isn't! This week I published my first YouTube video (check it out if you haven't!) so for this Lazy Sunday I thought I'd share some of my favourite videos on the 'tube.

I've followed Rian for ages over on Tumblr and she's just the coolest person in the world. Her videos are so much fun and I always enjoy watching them. She has a really unique taste and she's just very positive in general. Her videos always put me in a good mood.

 This video by Lisa Eldrige is my favourite thing in the world. Lisa is very skilled and her videos are always really soothing but this one is the absolute best. It's also very informative.
 I have somewhat of a guilty pleasure but I just LOVE watching vlogs. There's just something about people who have their life together and basically do nothing but hanging out with their S.O. that makes me feel very fulfilled. I don't know either, it's really soothing to me. I have a couple of vlog channels that I like but Sammi is one of my favourite vloggers. (she's also slightly #problematic but I'm not gonna talk about that)

If you have a Pinterest account you've probably seen Linda Hallberg's face. She's very populair on Pinterest and it took me so long to discover her YouTube channel! Her old videos are all in Swedish (with English subs) and it's just the cutest thing to hear and I just love Swedish so much! It's just so relaxing to hear and to look at. Nowadays her videos are in English, which made them lose some of their magic, if you ask me.

This is the kind of content you go on YouTube for, isn't it? 10 Hours of rain sounds! Seriously, I take the best naps while listening to these things. I would recommend it to anyone. These white noise videos are also really great when you have anxiety. It's really soothing. 

Please link me to your favourite videos below! Also don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

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