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I'm a big Urban Decay fan when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. I can't even count how many times I've used my Vice 2 and 3 and my Naked 2 on this blog. Nearly all my looks are made with those palettes, and lucky for me, my friends know that. For my birthday they gifted me the Naked 3 palette and today I'm reviewing this rose gold baby!

Same as my beloved Naked 2, this baby comes in a aluminum case with 3D letters. I really like this case, it seems sturdy to me. It doesn't hurt to be careful, though. The shadows are a bit wobbly placed and there's one shade in my palette that I had to glue in myself. I really don't have much to say about the packaging because I'm so used to my Naked 2, and frankly this one doesn't look any different. There's one thing that's just a bit odd to me about these cases and that is the mirror situation. There's a large mirror insode the palette, but the palette itself is not heavy enough to support that weight. Again, that's not too good for travelling but since I never leave the house that doesn't bother me at all. 

Inside you find 12 shadows, in various finished going from light to dark. Obviously I already used the palette once or twice (and by once or twice I mean a couple of hunderd times) so the shadows don't look all neat and perfect anymore. Inside is also the same brush that comes with the Naked 2 palette, which I think is a perfectly acceptable brush. On to swatches.

Strange is a very matte very white shade. The shadow is so incredibly pigmented that you easily pick up too much product*. The colour payoff of this shade is fantastic, especially if you consider it's a white matte.

*Note:  I personally feel like (in most cases) that's the reason why everyone says Urban Decay eyeshadows have so much fall out, the shadows are almost too pigmented. In most cases you just need to be careful when you're picking the eyeshadow up on your brush. 

Dust is a light champagne colour with lots of shimmer. The texture of this shadow is incredibly loose, which I think is not too great. The colour pay off is fantastic, though. It also looks fantastic on, almost like a duochrome. I just wished the shadow was a little more dense, this almost feels like a pressed pigment. 

Burnout is Dust's more successful sibling. It applies better and it's easier to blend because it's so loose. However, less shimmer and it's a completely different shade on. I notice this quite often with the Naked3 palette, in the casing I can hardly tell the difference between the shades but as soon as you swatch it you're like 'oh, get it!'. I feel like the different textures are what separate these eyeshadows and make them different, but it's also what makes them work together so well. That's smart thinking over at Urban Decay.

Limit is a beautiful pinkish taupe colour. It looks so pretty in the crease! Texture wise I think this is a stunner. It's smooth, pigmented and incredibly easy to blend. 

Buzz is a shimmery and glittery pink. It's the pinkest shade in the palette, although it's still a bit of a muted pink. Colour wise, it's incredible. The texture is a bit loose, but not as loose as Dust. Due to the huge amounts of glitter in the shade there's always going to be some fall out. 

Trick is the weirdest shade in the palette, if you ask me. The beautiful coppery gold looks so pretty and shimmery in the palette, but I can barely get any colour payoff! The texture is just so dense that it's one of those shadows that if you swatch them with your finger, the eyeshadow will stay on your finger no matter how many times you try to rub it off on your hand. As you can see the shade already looks kind of messed up in the palette, that's because I tried to get some colour payoff. I've found that you can best use it either with a wet brush, or layer it on with a really flat ended brush (like the one that came with the palette). This is the only shade that let me down a little, because I'm really not used to Urban Decay shadows being too dense. You always sort of know that these are buttery smooth and sometimes a little too much, but this is the total opposite. The colour is one of my favourites of the entire palette, though.

Nooner is exactly like Limit a dream to use. The colour is slightly darker, but they work really well together. 

Liar is the shimmery sibling of Nooner. The colours are really similar, but this is a shimmery eyeshadow. Texture wise this is exactly like the Urban Decay shadows I'm used to, silky smooth and incredibly pigmented. Because there's only shimmer and no glitter in this shade, fall out is not an issue with this one.

Factory is one of those colours that I keep swatching because in the palette the shades Liar/Factory/Mugshot look so much alike. As you can see, they're completely different on, but I still get confused when I'm using the palette. The colour is an interesting blend of taupe, pink and brown. This shadow is not as shimmery as Liar. It has more of a metallic finish, if you ask me. Again, this shadow is incredibly easy to use and I have no issues with it.

Mugshot is a slightly more grey version of Liar. It's exactly as great as Liar and I can't think of any critique.

Darkside basically is a matte. If you look closely in the palette you can see that it has some teeny tiny microglitter, but I know that Urban Decay adds that to make the shadow blend easier. The colour is a dark taupe and it blends very easily. The texture is not as smooth as Nooner and Limit, but I don't have any complaints about this shade either.

Blackheart is a blackened purple with purple and red microglitter. Unfortunately, you easily lose that glitter upon blending. That's quite a shame, I often find myself having to build up that colour once or twice (by that I don't mean a couple of hundred times, that'd be crazy). I just apply it, blend it, apply more, blend that again and then pray there's some microglitter left. If I'm being honest, I wish they just made this colour either completely matte, or a metallic glitter. This texture is so in-between because you lose the microglitter so easily, and then you're just left with an almost black colour. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a blackened purple matte eyeshadow and it'd just be less annoying with the fall out. There's one trick I use to make the glitter stick and that's to apply it on top of my Kiko cream eyeshadow. Because that one is also dark purple and glittery, the two just complete each other. 

The Verdict

I am really happy with this palette. I've already reached for this palette so many times. The colour palette just feels very luxurious to me. If you are being critical (and I am, obviously) you can easily spot some flaws. None of the shadows have textures that bother me, because they're all (easily)useable. A flimsy built palette that doesn't stand up on its own just seems like a design flaw. I think it's really smart that all shadows work together so well, but I also reach for them when I'm using a different palette. It's a great addition to my collection. If you want to decide wether you need Naked 2 or Naked 3, I'd say go for 3 when you're looking for more unique shades. If you don't own a lot of palettes and you're looking for one that will cater all your basic palette needs, I'd say go for 2. But I like them both a lot.

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