MAURAIVY.COM has been collecting digital dust for a while now. I’ve been both busy and lazy but TODAY IS THE DAY!

First of all, Maura where the hell have you been?! Let me be honest: I just didn’t enjoy blogging anymore. Because I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t make time for it and everything else became a priority. That’s why all my pre-break posts start with ‘sorry I haven’t been blogging!’ It felt like an obligation. I’m young and I’m free; why would I force myself to write things on this page? Didn’t I start my blog because I was so passionate about it? That’s why I quit. I found my outlet for writing on xoVain, so all my creativity and passion just went there. Secondly; I quit college and enrolled in a new course in February. Being a first-year student once again took up all of my time (this is my third attempt at college).

I switched to studying Communication. I learnt so much about blogging that I now just want to put my knowledge to use! I’m also a creative person. I’ve had the urge to draw and paint for a while, but I’m just better at the digital stuff. I just missed the creative outlet my blog used to be!
As many of you may have noticed, I’m now a writer for xoVain. Working for them is amazing, and it’s also given me motivation to start blogging again. That’s why on a blue Monday I purchased a little white Moleskine. It all happened in the notebook. I started making lists what I needed to do, the changes I had to make to make me enjoy blogging again, the things I learnt about blogging and wanted to put to use, but first of all; the pros and cons of blogging. Obviously, the pros won. That’s when I started to make a planning and settled on the idea of re-launching this page.

So what’s different then?
-          There’s an entire new design on my page, as you probably already noticed. This theme also features slideshows, which I’m very excited use.
-          On the top of the page you see the drop-down menu: BEAUTY, FASHION, and LIFESTYLE. That’s right! I’m going blog about a wider spectrum that just beauty, even though it’ll still be mostly beauty. I just want my blog to reflect my entire personality. I want to be able to share whatever I’m passionate about at the moment. Also, I already have xoVain as my beauty writing outlet, too.
-          Ads. I learnt a lot about blogging at school and I just want to approach it professionally this time. I ask you very politely to disable your AdBlocker for this page, as there are no aggressive ads on here anyway; it’s a small way of supporting my page. Please read my disclaimer if you want any additional information about them.

I have worked really hard on my new blog, and I’m very excited for you to read all the posts I have lined up. At the moment it’s all empty promises because you haven’t seen anything yet, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

For the entirety of MAURAIVY.COM, I promise you:
-          This will be a Kardashian-free page.
-          I will never lie to you for money so all my opinions on here are my own.
-          I will not put out content just to have an update. I want every post I create to be interesting and visually attractive.
-          This is a positive space; I will not allow negative energy on here. If I don’t like something or someone, I will just not put any energy into it (see promise #1). Feel free to leave feedback, but leaving straight-up negative comments will not be tolerated.

If you want to stay updated on my posts, feel free to enter your email in the ‘Subscribe’ bar on the right side of the page. For the record: this will send you an automatic email whenever I post a new update. I will not have your email or use it for spam. You can also follow me on Bloglovin’ if that’s a thing you use.

Please let me know if there's anything in specific you'd like to see on here. I’m excited to start this new blogging journey, and I hope that you are too! 

Maura x           

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