I’m a visual person. Nice decor is so soothing to my eyes. As I spend a lot of time at my vanity, I want it to look nice. 

I collect glasses to keep my brushes in. The gold one is from Søstrene Grene, just as the three-tier glass jar. I like to keep my room looking spacious and light, which is why I opted for a white desk – it’s not ideal since it gets dirty easily, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Also, baby wipes are my best friend. 

I keep my palettes stacked in the plastic organizer, although my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit is never really out of my reach. My mirror is by the TYSNES by IKEA. Most of my daily-use items are usually just all over my desk, but I try to keep everything in my drawers when I can. 

I always keep a selection of scented candles at my desk because part of my makeup ritual is to burn a nice scented candle, have a cup of tea and just relax. I love this Tobacco Noir one I got from TJ Maxx. The fan is my best friend for pretending to be Beyoncé (and for keeping my sweat-‘stache at bay).

The little gold-plated glass container is a perfect make-shift palette for my Kryolan Derma Color Creme Concealer singles. It’s not travel-friendly, but I never travel either. I don’t like keeping my liquid lipsticks stored in my drawer because I’m always afraid product will leak into the cap (same as with nail polishes). Also, I had to make some choices because my lipstick drawer was basically overflowing. I love displaying my products in the prettiest way possible. 

I think the only thing my vanity is really missing now, is some plants or flowers!

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