I’m not sure which brow product has been more raved-about: Anastasia Bevery Hills Dipbrow Pomade or Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. Today I’m comparing the both of two.

Aqua Brow

Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow (I use the shade Ash) is described as “A long-lasting, smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows.”  The creamy gel consistency is best applied with a thin angled brush; I use one from the art store. This has been my go-to brow product for years; simply because I liked it so much I didn’t even feel the need to try anything else. And because it just never runs out, I’ve been using the same tube for 2 years straight and it’s still nowhere near finished! The gel is extremely waterproof, you can literally shower with this. I apply this by squeezing a tiny amount of product onto my brush. You can also squeeze product onto your hand so it’s easier to control, but you’ll end up wasting more product because some of it already sets on your hand. Upon applying it, you have a couple seconds before it sets. After the gel has set, it becomes a little hard, but not so hard that it makes your brows look crispy. I like this because I don’t have to use an additional brow gel to keep my hairs in place.

Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills is now a full-blown makeup brand but she started out as an eyebrow mogul. I had high hopes for the Dipbrow Pomade (I use the shade Medium Brown). I use the same brush for this one as I use for my Aqua Brow. The pomade is thick and gel-like, but extremely pigmented. The consistency of the product allows you to pick up just the right amount of product; it’s just easy to control since you can see into the jar. Dipbrow takes longer to set, and it doesn’t change in texture once it has set. This also makes it a little less long-lasting than Aqua Brow. However, it does stay on well during a night out or sweaty activities. Because this one doesn't set, you might want to combine it with a clear brow gel. The gel is so pigmented and it isn’t as liquid as Aqua Brow; I’ve found that Dipbrow is more difficult to apply. Ever since I started using Dipbrow, it takes me longer to perfect my brows, but they also look more perfect. When I have time, I really don’t mind spending more time on my brows to make them look better.

The Verdict

I haven’t touched Aqua Brow ever since I got Dipbrow. I love that it’s easier to control and I feel like my brows look more realistic than with Aqua Brow. However, I love Aqua Brow as well. I just feel like Dipbrow is a better match for my brows, but I’d love for it to have the same staying power as Aqua Brow. Also, I haven’t had Dipbrow for as long as I’ve had Aqua Brow but I highly doubt that it’s going to last me over two years; and even if it did, it will probably dry out faster than Aqua Brow.

TL;DR: Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade are both amazing products.

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