During my absence I wrote many posts for xoVain. Today I’m sharing which ones I’m most proud of and why.

My Pixie Cut Has Grown Out to That Awkward Length — And I Love It

I'm really proud of this piece because it's more personal, which I love. I always struggle with the actual writing of beauty writing, and sometimes it's hard to incorporate my personality into it. I think this one came out really well, also my hair is now past The Awkward Length and I hate it. 
But that's a story for another day.

Which Iconic Matte Red Lipstick Can Handle Me at My Drunkest?

The field-research of this piece was great! I love writing in-depth reviews and I got a great response to this article. This is the type of beauty writing I love most; funny, original but still really useful and informative. 

Which Beyoncé-Inspired Makeup Should I Wear to the Formation Concert?

I love anything Beyoncé. I really liked how all the looks turned out. I ended up wearing a toned-down version of the Formation eyes, but with a red lip because it matched my top (and because I was testing red lipsticks for the article mentioned above — this was the day the Sephora Cream Lip Stain ended up on my chin after eating a Whopper.)
Een foto die is geplaatst door maura (@mauraivy) op

After Yearsof Black, Brights and Platinum, I Accidentally Dyed My Hair Its Natural Color

This is probably the most personal piece I've written, so that's why I like it. It's so fun to look back at all my hair changes. Wasn't that short bob so cute? I'm trying to grow it out to that again. 

I'm Not Entirely Sure What "Rebel Eyes" Are, But Here's How I'm Attempting Them

This is my most recent article. I'm really proud of the outcome, but I just had SO much fun playing with all the glitter and shiny things! I'm thinking of doing a Rebel Eyes: part II on here. I haven't really had any occasion to bring out all these glitters again, so I only used them once after writing the article: for this gold under-eye glitter.

3 MakeupLooks Inspired by My Friend’s Enviable Nike Collection

I'm not entirely happy with how the photography worked out for this piece, and looking back I'd done it differently. However, this article was my friends' idea and I got a great response to it. It's another example of combining beauty writing with my personality and I'm really proud of the outcome. 

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