There’s something about MAC lipsticks that everyone seems to love; even girls who aren’t that into makeup know that a good lipstick is a MAC lipstick. When I started getting into makeup I treated myself to a new one every now and then. For me, this is the difference between a regular lipstick and a MAC lipstick. Every lipstick has a story: I remember exactly when I bought it or who gave it to me. It’s a bit of romanticism, and it’s super-cheesy, but that’s why I’m attached to my MAC lipsticks. I had to break my little habit when I lost my job and money got a bit tight. I own 8 MAC lipsticks up to this day and they’re still my favorites. Their Matte formula is unbeatable, simply the best. I used to be really into bright lipsticks, and back then nudes weren’t really the trend either. That’s why I don’t really own any neutral colors by them; I would like to add some, though! I’m thinking ‘Mehr’ for my next purchase. 

MAC Candy Yum-Yum (matte), MAC Dubonnet (amplified creme), MAC Heroine (matte), MAC Lady Danger (matte), MAC Lickable (cremesheen), MAC Myth (satin), MAC Red (satin), MAC Rebel (satin)

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